5 Remarkable Effects 5 Benefits Of Facial Massage

2021-02-12 23:31

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It is well known that massage is a wonderful firm of physical therapy that lulls one into a meditative dreamworld, but less well known that a facial can be just as relaxing, and relieve a ton of tension.

Aside from pampering and relaxation, facial massage can bring about many therapeutic and age-defying effects. These are just five of many incredible effects of facial massage

  • 1. keep your facial muscles firm

Taking a few minutes a day to stimulate and massage your facial muscles is just as important as any fitness routine for the rest of your body.

Just as you keep up with a regular weight lifting regimen you can stimulate and massage your facial muscles to tone them keep them from sagging with age and stress. There has even been a wave of popularity with facial yoga that keeps your face muscles toned, and skin lifted.

  • 2. tension release

Regular daily facial massage and exercise will fight those wrinkles better than any magical cream could. A tense facial muscle will create more stress on your skin thereby causing more wrinkles.

So a regular facial massage will help keep your skin muscles toned and relaxed, looking younger for longer. Massage your face for a couple minutes daily to experience less worry lines in your future.

  • 3. stimulate blood flow for a smoother complexion

As you gently massage your face work in small concentric circles all over your face. Pay special attention to massage upwards and not pull down on any delicate skin. You may notice some bumps, pimples or cysts forming as you become more familiar with the landscape of your face.

Regular facial massage from 10-20 minutes will help to increase blood and oxygen flow, slowly and gently working those bumps out with less chance of an embarrassing acne breakout.

If you are more prone to oily breakouts, a ten minute massage is usually sufficient. If your skin is more dry and flaky, you can enjoy a massage up to twenty minutes a day.

  • 4. massage helps absorption

If you’ve already found a serum or facial oil that works well with your skin and body chemistry, a facial massage will help your skin to absorb more of your products goodness.

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to take some time out for yourself and to enjoy a few stress free minutes while taking your beauty routine to a whole new level.

  • 5. release toxins

Believe it or not, castor oil actually has modern uses that will transform your beauty routine. And the best part? It’s a bargain. Castor oil has been used for centuries for its toxin-eliminating properties. It also helps the regeneration process to keep your skin looking youthful and clear.

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