Bermuda Full Moon On Halloween 2020

2021-02-14 16:48

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Halloween Micro Blue Moon In a spooktacular and unusual confluence of events, the Full Moon on October 31, 2020 is both a Blue Moon and a Micro Full Moon.

Many people around the world celebrate Halloween, which occurs annually on October 31. It is the day before All Saints’ Day and is also sometimes called All Hallows’ Eve and Hallowmas Eve. 

Halloween originated from the ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain, which marked the start of winter and the start of the new year. It was believed that the spirits of the dead could return to the Earth around that time.

Many people participating in Halloween celebrations in modern times light candles in jack-o-lanterns rather than bonfires. Other elements of the Pagan celebration are retained, as Halloween is still a night to remember the spirits and other supernatural themes, Happy Halloween!

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