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2021-02-12 22:19

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If you want happy, healthy, engaged and loyal employees, invite Siam SPA to your workplace. Providing the highest quality professional corporate massage service to clients throughout Bermuda, we’ll have your staff de-stressed, refreshed and ready to work hard!

Siam Spa provides corporate & event chair massages at your office, place of work, parties off site or at your events.

Our de-stressing and vitalizing massage treatments are ideal for companies that appreciate the need for work –life balance and value the health & wellness of their employees. 

A relaxing method of managing and preventing back, neck and shoulder pain and postural problems associated with the office environment. Revitalize your team with on site workplace massages to encourage a healthy, more productive workforce. Our therapies can also reduce stress, tension and increase overall company wellness. 

Our expert team massage therapist is on hand to bring to you right in your workplace, office massages and workplace therapies. Simple and cost effective, our massages at work revitalizes your team offering a great solution to employee wellbeing.

You private the private room and our therapists bring their own massage table or chair massage and materials. 

  • Individual massages are 1 hours 
  • Group/event massages are also offered with one (1) therapist will provide 4 x 15 minute sessions to the employees in 1 hour.
  • Free: transportation of massage chairs (in around the city of Hamilton), hygiene products, toweling and music.  Client is to provide meeting room if privacy is required

Employer Benefits :

Reduce absenteeism at work and Increase motivation & productivity. Boost morale and work satisfaction for your employees. Recognize & reward, so staff feel valued. Little time and cost commitment with immediate benefits

  1. Identify and treat repetitive strain injuries (RSI) such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and tendinitis, headaches, backaches, eye and neck strain.
  2. Treat physical and emotional exhaustion (also known as “burnout”)
  3. Relieves stress and muscle tension
  4. Provides a change of pace so employees relax and rejuvenate their mind and body
  5. Improves interpersonal office and customer relations
  6. Attracts top quality personnel
  7. Increases employee efficiency, accuracy, productivity and reduces workplace accidents
  8. Enriches corporate culture

Company Benefits :

  1. Increases Employee Retention
  2. Improves Productivity
  3. Enriches Corporate Culture
  4. Decreases Absenteeism
  5. Helps Recruit Top Talent
  6. Improves Job Satisfaction
  7. Improves Overall Company Health

Employee Benefits:  

Improve employee experience & engagement and reduce stress, muscular tension and pain.

  1. Relieves Fatigue
  2. Lowers Anxiety
  3. Enhances Creative Thinking
  4. Improves Problem Solving
  5. Strengthens Immunity
  6. Helps Prevent Repetitive Strain Injury
  7. Reduces Muscle Tension & Pain

To revitalise your employees contact us today! Call us at 295-3999 or click booking on the website. Give us information And we will contact you back

Massages at work are proven to improve employee productivity, engagement and retention. With the costs of sick leave ever increasing, massage is a cost-effective and efficient way to energise and motivate your employees while reducing stress and back problems.


SIAM SPA, Siam Thai Massage And Herbal SPA, is a boutique herbal Every day Spa specializing in Traditional Thai Massage encompassing organic elements to bring Bemuda the very best of Thailand including her exceptional service and hospitality. OPENING TIMES MON-SUN 10am-8pm (last appointment 7pm)

Email : Tel. 295-3999